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2 Banks A Scenario Examination For Energy Conservation

2 Banks A Scenario Examination For Energy Conservation Architectural roll-out work is one of my specalities. In case you don't know what that means, it is when a client needs a lot of the same buildings all over the county. This work is mostly for restaurant architecture but this case study is about 2 banks. What I like about this work is that is gives me chances to do experiments comparing one method to another. This article is about one of those experiments. I think you will find the results interesting.I had the chance to build 2 nearly identical banks in the Chicago area. These were retail branch banks about 4,100 square feet each. The first one was located in Deerfield, IL and was a good quality commercial building that met all energy codes. Steel frame structure, 6 inch metal studs, brick veneer and 6 inch fiberglass batt insulation in the walls, the roof is bar-joist, metal deck and 3 inches of rigid insulation. The other bank was built about 20 miles away in Wheaton IL so it experienced the same weather. We only changed 3 elements, the buildings were other wise identical. One, we used different wall insulation we changed from fiberglass batt insulation to foamed in place low density polyurethane insulation the insulation value changed from R-18 to R-20, the real difference is the air infiltration into the building. The foamed in place insulation expands and sticks to everything sealing the walls tight. Two, we doubled the roof insulation from 3 inches to 6 inches, increasing the insulation value from R-18 to R-36. Third,, we changed the windows from 1 inch clear low-e sealed glass units to tinted low-e 1 inch sealed glass units. Each of theses changes was bid as an additive alternate so we have hard number of what these things cost and not just estimates. The foamed in place insulation in the walls cost an additional $9,Replica Rolex Watches,150. The thicker roof insulation cost an additional $5,300. The tinted glazing cost an additional $3,800. The grand total for all three alternatives was $18,250 or put another way $4.45 a square foot. To complete the experiment I tracked the energy usage for a year and put together a comparison chart to ensure it was money well spent. I think the results are very compelling but you can judge for yourself. Electrical consumption was cut by 25% and gas consumption was cut by 62% saving $5,090 in the first year. That is $424 a month every month.People always ask the wrong question when it comes to energy conservation. They ask how long is the payback. The answer is about 3 years and 7 months. The question people should ask is how does this affect cash flow, and that answers in $283 per month for the first 20 years and then it increases to $4242 per month. What, I am talking about is the fact that buildings are financed so $18,250 is borrowed and then paid back from cash flow,, at 7% that is $141 a month for 20 years. So you take the energy savings and subtract the cost of the money, that's $424 minus %141 for a positive savings of $283 a month. For this calculation I use $0.09 a kilowatt-hour and $1.00 a therm, both prices have fluctuated above and below these averages but I don't think it affects the out come on the experiment. Each of these three items thicker roof insulation, tinted glass and foam insulation are now standard for my buildings and with this hard date clients are easily convinced it is money well spent. One more thing the client allowed me to share this data but not their name. I hope you understand.

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Chicago Wedding Videographer - How To Use Them

Chicago Wedding Videographer - How To Use Them You need to look into using a Chicago wedding videographer when you are looking to get married. Why? Because you want to make sure that you preserve your images on film for all time. This is a happy day and anyone who is looking at the product that you get from wedding videography Chicago will see that you are having a happy day and they will want to watch the film. It tends to rub off on others, when they see the job that is with you on your special day. This is no time to be shy,Fake Rolex, either. You should want to be sure that you give all you got for the wedding and also leave something behind. This will be the video of your day. Not only will you appreciate having the Chicago wedding videographer product like the video, but so will others who attend your wedding. They will want to see themselves on video and will be happy that you have this keepsake. You can give it to those with whom you are close as well. This can make a nice gift. The first year or so when someone has a video such as that which they would get when they get wedding videography Chicago, they may not look at it much. But when you think of videos that are twenty years old, imagine the people who will want to see it. People are always going into the past so you are actually not only recording your own life on film but also those of whoever attended the wedding. They will want to see film images of themselves when they are older, too. Getting a video is something that most people do today when they get married. However, when you want to get one that will be well shot as well as put together, you want to take a look at a company that can do this. They should take a great deal of pride in their work as well as offer something for every budget. You want to go with someone who is reliable as well, and those that can do good post production, that is putting the video together,, work. This is an important part of the wedding, so do not forget to have someone come out and video it as well as do it right. There are many places that will make for a lovely backdrop when you get married in Chicago as well. For example,Replica Watches UK, you can have the city in the background if you take photos at Buckingham Fountain. You can also get creative and look at the gardens and the rest of the area to find a venue that will work for you. There is the Little Village restaurant for those who want the ultimate romantic setting. This restaurant has been around for decades and is located in the Theater District of the city. You can also book at the Palmer House Hotel or the Hilton, both of which have been around for a long time as well. You can find many venues that will work for you when you are getting married in Chicago. Be sure to get it all down on video.


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